Director Peter Mackie
Screenwriters Peter Mackie
Jacqueline Berkman
Producers Peter Mackie
Federico Delle Case
Actors Mark Beltzman
Josh Drennen
Jennifer Marshall
Clarissa Thibeaux
Jack Mackie
Cinematography Dhruv Lapsia
Music by Vincent Oppido
Genre Dark Comedy


Panofsky’s Complaint

2016, 10 min

A darkly comedic take on the age-old idiom “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Panofsky’s Complaint follows Charles Panofsky, a doorman for a luxury high-rise, in a police interview room as he recounts the fateful moment that he “snapped” on the subway home during a confrontation with the Stratford’s, a Waspy, wealthy couple. Based on the short story “Picking Locks” by Jacqueline Berkman, pub. Ginosko Literary Journal # 16, pp. 152-158.